My bags are packed…sort of

Location: Union Square, New York City
Listening to: The streets of NYC through double pane City Glass windows
Time: 7:50 am EST

I remember there was a moment in 2010, I was standing in my parents Laundry Room, staring down at a blue porcelain bowl that was filled with car keys. At that very moment, I pictured myself grabbing the keys, sprinting to the car, hopping into the drivers seat, and off I would go. With the spark of the engine, I would be off on an adventure West. The locations and details were not important. The journey was what I hungered for. The open road called me and I wanted to answer that call. Obviously, that did not happen. My mom walked into the room, put her arm around me, and reality struck in. I was a twenty year old who was living at home, having taken a 6 month leave from college. Trying to get my life back on track.

Fast forward 8 years; Here I am, sitting in my NYC apartment, at my grandfather’s desk (a beautiful wooden masterpiece that I love) and tomorrow at 8 pm marks the start of a Midwestern road trip that my soul has craved for more than a decade. Though this essentially is just a car trip with my friend Jess and her dog Lennon, this trip is a spiritual and emotional journey that will change my life forever. I am happy you have decided to follow along on my drive West. I hope you can be inspired by these posts and eventually chase your own wild and crazy dreams.

Until next time, xo Erin

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